Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What's New?

Well I'll tell you, I have been working my little tail off. Marra has started her new job at loyalist and I will hopefully being applying to Fleming very shortly.

I'm also excited to announce that shortly I will be the proud big cousin to the newest addition to the McKinnon family, little Josie is due in like a week and I'm so stoked it's ridiculous. Although I have no desire of any sort to be trapped in the delivery room with my aunt. God knows I adore the woman and she is one of my best friends but the profanity that is going to spill forth from her will probably be enough to make satan cringe. Her date to be induced is next Monday. I'm scrambling to get the day off from work but who knows if I'll actually get it.

I have been baking up a storm this past weekend. I made mini apple pies in my muffin tin and I also made brownies and cinnamini buns (Get it? Tiny cinnamon buns so they are called cinnamini?! hahaha.) Everything turned out fantastic. I am thinking I am going to make some lemon cake this weekend but who knows.

I sent off an email to my landlords today giving them notice that I am filing to the Landlord & Tenant Board. I have had enough of the shitty ass condition that my apartment is in. Marra and I both decided this morning that enough is enough. I have moldy ceilings and no rent receipts for anything. I am so peeved that they keep promising that they will fix everything and never do. Literally we have been told again and again that it will be there to fix it. They even came by once with a camera and took NO pictures. WTF?! It's just not worth my time to fight with them anymore.

In other news, I am thinking about heading to the mall this weekend and pick myself up some new underwear and clothing. Now that Marra has her new job I will have lots more to spend and plenty more to play with as far as money goes. I need a new pair of shoes and at least a few more pretty things to wear. Once spring really rolls around I will be grabbing up a tonne of new dresses to wear and even more shorts. This summer I plan to start looking amazing.

I've also made plans to go to Palmer, Moose's and Rosie's this year if I get my bike. I am also going to go exploring different cities this summer and I want to make a few trips to Ottawa to scout out some new places for when I move up there. I figure if I make a few trips up there I will have a chance to set down some roots and make some friends. That way if Marra decides not to come with me to Ottawa, I'll have a support system.

Anymawho, I am going to go and hang around at work some more! Cheers!


  1. That 2nd para was pure gold!

    Give me a call about the Landlord & Tenant thing.

  2. Aww that sucks with the roof, mold is absolutely awful girl. We are in a similar boat right now and its really terrible, my sympathies, I have someone that would fix it for you if the landlord gets the materials. By the way congratulations to your auntie! She is very lucky to have a girl like you there to help her through such a painful but miraculous experience. Oh oh oh! I would also be MORE than willing to do a trip up to Ottawa with you once the baby comes out.. lol. Grandma's are great babysitters and Tyler will have his license back here pretty soon so we could all drive up together and I could introduce you to a couple of good people if you'd be interested? Anyways I would love to catch up with you some more, preferably in person and not just through reading your blogs ;) lol LOVE YA! TTYL.

  3. Thank Uncle Craig! I'll give you a call ASAP. I've got it mostly dealt with now but any info is appreciated.

    I hope you get out of that boat soon my dearest Vikee <3 My landlords have actually started work on it last weekend. I just don't have internet very often. I appreciate the offer. I can't wait to see my baby cousin soon! I'm sorry I didn't make it to your shower today but we will plan something and definitely do an Ottawa trip!

    Shoot me a text some time lovely!