Monday, 30 July 2012

Amazing weekend.

I just spent the most amazing weekend with my aunt and my baby cousin. We hung out and spent so much time snuggling with my beautiful baby cousin. She gets bigger every time I see her and she is always learning something new. Joe is the perfect kid, she makes me want my own.

I don't even mind changing diapers which is a task I normally despise with all my being, but for Josie, I do it without even a second thought. She is a the most darling child.

I'm really happy my parents got the second house, it's perfectly scrumptious. I want it so bad and for the price they got it for, you can't complain. My aunt and Josie should be moved in by September. Speaking of September, Josie is having the water spell being cast on her on my birthday, September the 8th. I'm oddly proud, which is weird because hokum never pleases me in any way.

We also got to eat dinner together, I managed to feed my Aunt some spare ribs and potatoes.... I just tossed together what I could find for a sauce and it turned out awesome. I can't complain in the slightest.

Really, why do I have to go to work today.... I'd rather just stay here in Warkworth and make fart noises and stupid faces at the tiny human for the next forever.

Speaking of fart noises...... guess who has learned to make them That's right, beautiful Josie....I'll post the video ASAP

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Art for Sale!

 Ocean Flower for Kim Hicks
 Cherry Blossom on Metal
Wiggly Lines - Incomplete
For Baby Blaire

I  have decided to start actually selling my art, I have been painting for a long time and it's something I do just as a hobby. I love to paint and give it to people and so when someone offered me money for them, I was shocked. I never thought people would be interested in it, but they have. If you want to see more you can do so here : Paintings!

I'm not asking a lot for them, just enough to cover my costs and to give a donation to the JDRF or whatever research organization I'm asked to give to. Each painting is going to be $10, $5 of which is going to cover costs and the other $5 will go to charity. If people want to give more, I will donate it, I'm ONLY keeping the $5 for my costs.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me.... you can leave me a comment or find me on on facebook here :
or like my facebook page here :

I will set up an email shortly and see about the cost of shipping, both local and international, as well as I will be looking into making prints of my pictures. So please, leave me some feedback!

Blaire Bear Boutique

Blaire Bear Boutique

This is a little side business that my friend Vikee created for baby girls. She exclusively sells girls items such as Headbands, Tutus, Bows, Wipe containers and Pony-Os. She can do custom orders for you as well.

I managed to pick up a gorgeous blue tutu for little Josie, my cousin, and I cannot wait to see her in it!

I will  be sure to post lots of pictures when I get it from Vikee, and it's going to be adorable. In the meantime YOU should check out her facebook group and get something you like! Gogogogogo!

Update on my Rogers Service

Well I am happy to inform you that I now have both phones up and working. I did manage to get the everything setup. However, they failed to let me know ahead of time that I would have a $190 fucking phone bill. Apparently it had several activation fees and line setup fees.

Then I attempt to make a phone call to someone and it transfers me to the credit department. I asked why I was routed there instead of being able to make my phone call. The guy on the line proceeded to tell me that I had $700 in fees on my line. I LOST. MY. MIND. Literally after 11 and a half hours on the phone with these idiots and I apparently owe them $700!? When I just recieved my phones?! What on Gods green earth would make them think I would pay that?!

Finally after a half hour of "searching" (I've worked with there exact same billing system, you can find anything in 2 clicks or 5 min of reading....) the guy said there was 2 cancellation fees on the line and a note from the agent I had spoken to the other day that I called in, asked about a family plan and then said I wanted to cancel both lines. *Eye twitch* I politely informed the idiot I was speaking with that I called in to have my 2 lines put onto a family plan.... not to cancel them. He seemed to understand this, but then put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back to say he couldn't help me. He had to transfer me to another department. Sooooo I was transfered. That ate up another 20 minutes of my day and thankfully I managed to get an individual who hadn't been electrocuted multiple times as a child who fixed the issue.

All was well....                               ...

I was looking through my bill an happened to notice my first round of credits had not been applied. Curious, I called in and asked about them. I was then told that someone had LIED to me and the first round of credits never really existed. So instead of $180 in credits I was only getting $120. I was once again livid.... How can so many people screw up so badly SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  many times.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I wish that I didn't have a contract with Rogers. As it stands my mother, brother, father and aunt have all ditched Rogers and I believe that I will be the next in line to leave this impressively terrible company. I also fully expect to see yet another comment from yet another Rogers representative telling my they apologize and that I can contact them via various social media outlets and unless they plan on offering me something physically tangible, such as you know... a REAL credit or free phone upgrade or etc. I DON'T GIVE A FURRY RATS ASS. Stop calling me with promotional offers, stop telling me your idiot customer service rep's are "Resolution Specialists." and go jump out a window.

I would like to thank the 2 decent agents I have spoken with.... and all the other decent rep's out there. It's not an easy job, especially when your co-workers are morons.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Visit with the siblings and their tiny humans

Here are some of the pictures I got of my family when we all had our visit on Canada Day weekend. I will need to get another picture of my nephew but I managed to get a good one or two of Caroline and Carter which makes me super happy. I love that we all got a chance to see each other. It's not often that Brodi, Justin, Mandi and I are all in the same place at the same time. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New day

Monday was an exceptionally good day... I'm pretty sure I don't think I have ever had a Monday that dripped with satisfaction quite like this past on did... I thoroughly enjoyed work and dinner was delicious. Not to mention Marra and I have started compromising and getting along a lot better.

I am really hoping today will he equally as good. I have managed to have a decent morning without one argument with. I have all my prints from Chris Cromwell up on my bedroom door and I'm hoping to add more very shortly. Tonight I'm going back to being a smoking hot red head and I get to eat the lasagna that I was prepping this morning. I may even get adventurous and make some of my brownies.... I will have to post the recipe and some pictures up here. They are easily the best brownies I've ever had.

Oh! I'm actually getting my bonus at work for this month and possibly even my commission from my sales. I'm very pleased with myself. It has to be from spending so much time with that darling little cousin of mine. She is the sweetest little thing and totally my good luck charm.

I haven't been this happy in a while and I'm pleased to say I'm thinking it will continue. Just thought you deserved an update.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Alive.... barely.

I have been taking Melatonin as a sleep aid for the past 3 weeks to help "reset my sleep cycle." It's been great, got me to sleep fast and kept me there... However, now that I have stopped after the alloted time, I noticed I potentially dangerous side effect. I appear to need it in order to fall asleep.
I have gotten next to no sleep the past 2 nights without it and until I took it I couldn't sleep on Thursday night either.
I have been lying awake for hours, occasionally feeling sleep creep up on me but only to wake up minutes later... Which, fyi, is like agonizing torture of the cruelest and most unusual kind. I am beginning to contemplate running head first into a wall in order to knock myself unconscious.
I'm really hoping this new found dependency passes rather quickly and I can go back to my shitty (but at least still there...) sleep routine.

Friday, 20 July 2012

New Painting

This was my last canvas and I decided to paint it on whim. I was feeling like I was having a watery day. It came together beautifully.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Glass

I recently got a new piece of glass from the new headshop in town called Puff Puff Pass. It's a cute teeny tiny little pipe. *Remember I DON'T smoke often, I am just a collector who allows others to use my collection.* I have given this one to someone who will use it and definitely appreciates it. Apparently it hits like a little dream and I'm pleased with how it looks.

I'm hoping to have a name for it soon but nothing comes to mind just yet.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hold me down

I finally have found myself a proper app to blog from. I happened to remember I now rock an HTC Raider and its an Android phone. *squee*

Lately I've been a little bit out of my head... Kind of like happiness is just out of my reach and sanity is about as easy to hold onto as water. I have determined I'm excessively unhappy with my job and my home. Thankfully I only have a few more months to go until I fly away to Ottawa so I can start living again.

I am living in my iPod lately, just trying to keep away from the people and places that scare the shit out of me. I figure in the choice between signing into the 3rd floor and keeping my brain plugged into my music 24/7, there is an obvious choice. I feel a little like I'm lost in a life that isn't mine and its a little frightening.

Right now I'm glad for the people I have around me, particularly the tiny humans. My cousin Josie is one of the reasons I hold it all together. My aunt held it together for me when I needed her and I now have the opportunity to return that favour for that beautiful little girl who makes me go to a pile of mush when she smiles. Dancing with her until I feel like my feet are going to fall off and my back might break makes me the happiest person on the planet.

I got to see my adorable niece and 2 nephews again. They are getting so big lately and I wish I was around more often. Caroline is the tiniest little being I have ever seen. She is so dainty but totally going to be braver than her brothers. Zack and Carter both are sweet little boys but definitely not the kind to play in the mud or swim in a lake... But I adore them all the same.

Surprisingly my favourite person as of late would have to be the demon child. Yes, my kid brother. He is growing up to be a decent enough guy and he reminds me of me as a teen. A shit disturber but not a bad person. I'm proud of him, I just wish he would use his brain to get through school but like me he is naturally a slacker. It's mildly weird since Mum is our common link and I don't think slacker could be used in relation to her even a bit....

I will just be happy when I can settle down and be happy. I'm hoping this guy is going to be my forever person, however I can't know that til forever comes. If it works for the next few years when it is just us being together, I will bring my family into the mix. I think that will make it easier to determine how I feel about him and him about me. Who knows though!

Anyways, I'm headed into work but expect to see more from me more often since I now have my blogger app. Figured I'd give you a preview of my gorgeous Raider in the form of a screen shot... You know you want it!