Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tune Up Media

I figured since I was having a moment of boredom and down time I should probably just do up a quick post for my readers.

Took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted write about and then I remembered I had another review on a company to do. This one pertains to Tune Up Media.

I purchased Tune Up on New years eve for 50% off the regular price. I was pleased with the deal and the ease of access. Where I failed to be impressed was the product itself. It ruined my media library. It assigned random song names and titles to a lot of my music and would not add album art to anything. The album names it found were "mixed" albums (ie. Big Shiny Tunes or Greatest Country Hits 1998) and never the proper album. Some tracks even went missing without me running the "deduper".

I waited and tried it several times, becoming increasingly frustrated. Finally I gave in and contacted support through their email option on the website.

That is the end of anything negative about this company... The support I received was nothing less than stellar and I believe they set the gold standard. It was quick, efficient and generally pleasant. A refund was sent immediately and I was given information to attempt to help fix my damaged media library.

The agent I was emailing with phenomenal. Very empathetic and had all the key components of an amazing representative. He accepted both complaints and compliments graciously and provide appropriate and timely responses to address concerns.

I have got to say, the product wasn't for me... I am not a fan and it may have simply been my computer or skill set that prevented the product from impressing me. However, if you are looking for world class customer support, they have it!

Belleville SlutWalk

A friend and I have decided our city of Belleville should have it's own SlutWalk... Many larger cities and towns have been having them so we decided we would love to see people coming out and walking for the cause. 

Slut-shaming has become more and more prevalent in our society and it a practice that even law enforcement has fallen into. The phrase "she was asking for it..." is said more and more. (Which, I might add, is strange because rape cannot be asked for by definition.) We are walking to show that Sluts and Allies alike, whether promiscuous, prostitute or nun, does not deserve to be sexually assaulted, raped or molested. 

If you are from Belleville, you should come out with us. March, stomp, shimmy and shake awareness into our little town! 

Belleville SlutWalk link is right here! 

The event is May 17th at 11am. 

We will be collecting donations for a local charity... If you have a suggestion for where our donations should go to, leave a comment or message us in the event! 

See you all there!