Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Almost time

First of all I would like to say I am super excited and absolutely terrified. It is only an hour away from me leaving my apartment and starting my journey to the big city of Ottawa. I have never taken a greyhound bus before this in my life and I'm terrified that something is going to go horribly wrong. I think that's because this is the first time I have ever travelled by myself. I am bringing a fully charged phone and my mp3 player to keep me company but I am still definitely very anxious. I wish things were easy for me, like people who can just go out whenever they like and don't have to psych themselves up for it. I also have this impossible nagging feeling that I will forget something, but I am sure everything is packed. Oh well... I will remember what it is when I get there! Anyways... Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rogers Customer Service Update.... Even more moronic.....

So I totally had yet another fine and (un)helpful experience with Rogers.

After speaking with the retention rep to get my second phone sent out, they managed to still screw it up....i went to the store to pick up my phone. That was actually resolved. I managed to get my phone from the store and have it set up without any issue. The only issue was that my sim was not activated for close to 48 hours.

After getting my phone setup, I received a phone call from the "service center" and some idiot named Curtis. He told me that although I had given my deposit, I had apparently never given it to them and was required to give it to them again before my phone was shipped out. When I asked to speak to his manager I was told he only had one manager in the whole place, who was apparently in a meeting.

Eventually I told the guy to get by a bus and called retention again, I got this horrible woman who didn't even want to tell me her name. Eventually I did have to give them the card information again because apparently it was never entered by the first guy who took it. Then after confirming the address several times and the person that it should have been addressed to as well I felt like it could possibly be fixed....


UPS called me the next day and asked for the correct address... Apparently I wanted it shipped to 70 McAvenue. Yes.... McAvenue. The house is called McHouse, and there is a McCar in the McDriveway.... Then when I call to make sure it can be picked up at the depot, it's apparently addressed to the WRONG PERSON!!!!

The next person I spoke with from customer care was HORRIBLE.... AGAIN. She couldn't give a shit and acted like this was all my fault. At this point, I had been on the phone for 11... count 'em... 11 HOURS! She finally called UPS and was completely unable to fix it.... So I went to the management dept, which was apparently above the retention people. Before transferring me there she assured me that the phone would be delivered by 7pm Friday night... (it's now sunday.... no phone.).

I then got some other guy from the management department... he was actually pretty decent. He decided my issues were worth more than just one month free.... So he gave me another month off of my bill. Now I have around $180  in credits....

All in all Rogers is a bunch of morons who have the intellectual equivalency to a pile of uncooked hamburger... I definitely think it must be a job requirement to have a pencil crayon shoved into their brains before the completion of training....

So to recap... I now have spent 11:27 minutes on the phone with Rogers, gone to the store 3 times, called another store twice. Dealt with customer service representatives, retentions, management and the service center....

Thank you once again to Rogers... can I just tell you how much I enjoy your companies helpness and ability to give me piece of mind, time and time again.... *note the sarcasm here..*

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rogers customer care: The helpful idiots of the call center world.

I am officially sick of Rogers. I have called in so many times it's ridiculous. All I want to do it upgrade my phone and make my plan into a family plan so I can put another line on there. Seems fairly simple right?! Yeah, too bad it's been 4 days, 2 different stores and at least 10 calls into customer care have yielded next to ZERO results.

I have dealt with customer care representatives who sounds bored, retarded and stoned. I have talked to a supervisor and been amazingly patient. I paid the $200 they asked for and was even understanding when they tried to charge me $700 and $400 for a $400 phone on a 3 year term. I finally got the phone hardware upgrade sorted out, then the store suddenly had their brains fall out of their heads.

I added the other person as a level one authorized user on the line and paid the deposit over the phone, however when the other person got to the store they were told that it wouldn't happen. When I called the store I was told that they were "Too Busy" or it just "couldn't be done."

Finally I managed to call in after 2 hours of fighting and actually GET to retention. I was then hung up on and told to stop being inappropriate because I said "Freakin". Finally after getting someone on the phone and explaining it again..... I am getting the phone sent out asap (which in Rogers world means 5-7 business days) and then we will have to change the it to a family plan.

I am demanding a credit on my account and then going to be paying a very inexpensive bill..... So far I have a month free for the second line... I am sincerely hoping they give me more than that because $60 is not nearly worth the amount of trouble that is going on here.

This has been an experience I will NOT soon forget and I am sure none of the people I have been talking to about this will forget it either. The service was great for the most part but the helpfulness of each agent was the pits! Honestly if it wasn't for the contract I would have taken my business elsewhere....

I hope no one else has this experience..... I am FINALLY getting my $0 hardware upgrade to my HTC Raider for $0.01 and having the second line activated on my plan. I hope Rogers does much better than that in the future.

What I'm grateful for.

1) My Family

-They are looking out for my best interests.
-They love me when I'm at my best, and even more when I'm at my worst.
-They are the people I can always count on.

2) Marra

-She tells me what I look great in, but also can tell me when I REALLY should not wear
-She doesn't judge me when I dance like an idiot in the kitchen, she dances with me instead.
-She always backs me up, even if we are fighting.

3) My home

-I have a place that is mine
-It's more than what some other people have
-It's where I can see both Marra and my pets

4) My pets

-They never talk back
-They always wanna snuggle
-The worst thing they've ever done is poop on the rug.

5) Music

-It can turn a day around in an instant
-It's the one thing that can make outside less terrifying.
-It's the language that unites the world.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sunshine =)

Just saying' that you have to go out today, it was a perfect 18 degree day. The sun was shining and it was slightly breezy, but still cool enough to be comfortable.... Trust me on this one.....


Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Phone!

I have been looking at upgrading my phone for a while and I wasn't sure what I wanted to go with but I have finally made my decision. After a while considering my options and looking to see which would best for me. I wanted something that would be exceptionally pretty and fun to look at but also something that was a powerhouse. I did consider going with the iPhone but soon decided it wasn't what I needed because I wanted functional. There was a lot of consideration put on getting another BlackBerry, however its not video friendly. Plus the internal memory is not the most wonderful.... What I was left with was just a few phones. Battery life is not a huge concern for me, but it was important. One of the most important things in a phone for me was keyboard, I have chubby fingers and thus I need something that is going to be easy for me to use. BlackBerry has an amazing keyboard but I figured for video, pictures and apps I needed to go with a touch screen.

I was pretty much left with one option, Android OS. I know people that have really loved the platform and the OS. Android market is pretty handy and has all sorts of nifty little apps. I have heard a few things here and there about Sony's having issues.... battery life, random power offs ect. Therefore I looked at a few other brands. I came up with HTC. They have been coming out with a fuck tone of phones lately and a lot of them have been gorgeous touch screens.

After looking around at what was out on the Rogers market, I came up with the HTC Raider. It's a gorgeous HD LCD screen phone, thick and durable. The screen is 4.5 inches and the keyboard is apparently a breeze to use even without swype. I looked over the spec's and it does mention a short battery life compared to other phones, however for what I use my phone for it shouldn't be an issue. The viewing angle issues had been corrected and apparently it plays stunning videos. It was also noted by some people that the back cover tends to pop off. However I plan to put a case on it, so that shouldn't be an issue. It also has 16gb internal memory and can be expanded with a 32gb SD micro card.... Not to mention the 1.2GHz dual core processor!

I'll be picking it up saturday from a very helpful man named Derrick at the Rogers store. I'll grab some awesome pictures of it and see what you think! Now enjoy the beauty of what my new phone is....

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Blog!

I have started a new blog called Diary of my Furry Family, it's all about my adorable little fuzzbutts. I figured that they deserved to have a little bit of there own internet fame! Check it out, I am sure that as long as you love all things furry, fuzzy, scaly and adorable you'll love it!

You can find the link to the new blog HERE! Hit the follow button to get updates when I post new videos, links, photos and stories!

Monday, 14 May 2012



Here is a collection of some of the shots I got of mother nature dressed in her finest.... Spring is such a lovely time for pictures don't you think?

Enjoy the pictures and any feedback is much appreciated!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


So just an update.... Hammie is absolutely wonderful. My beloved baby squirrel is doing wonderful and seems to be completely healthy... I have started him on Esbilac formula and he is taking in about 9ml per feeding. I have to schedule a vet check up for him to have a parasite check and just an overall wellness exam. Thank goodness I already know a wonderful vet for small animals...

He has become so wonderfully affection and loves to sleep in my hands. He hasn't bit anyone but he definitely loves to make himself heard. When it is feeding time, he shrieks as loud as he can so that we don't forget him (How could we?!) and he has also taken to rattling his cage bars like a little inmate.

I've noticed that he has got his bottom teeth and his top teeth are definitely coming in. He is attempting to drink from a dish but I haven't seen him take in any solid foods. I'm sure he will get there... The little booger is alert and very playful. While he was waiting for me to make up his formula this morning he was playing around in my hair.

I'll have to grab some really good photos with my camera, but for now you will have to make due with what I've got on my facebook.

Friday, 4 May 2012


It's Friday and it also happens to be May 4th. Any idea what that means?

Happy Star Wars Day! 

In all honesty it's not something I hugely celebrate but I think it's kinda fun to have a day dedicated to my geek-dom.

In other news, I have made plans for a coffee date tomorrow at 7 and then after that I am being whisked away to Trenton for an evening of fun and laughter with my dearest Barb. It'll be nice to get out of the apartment for a little while this weekend and just focus on having a good time with a good friend.

There was supposed to be a guy coming to my house this evening however it appears that we may not get that opportunity. As unfortunate as that is, he is probably coming to visit next weekend too and I'll get to see him then. I have noticed this mysterious figure becoming more pervasive in my updates and thoughts. I'm just waiting for family to ask me who he is.

In other news, my big bike ride is coming up very soon and I'm happy to report I've got almost $100 in donations so far. I am not the best fundraiser, but it has certainly been kind fun. Now I just have to get my roomie and her boyfriend to contribute to the cause and everything will be great.

I also had a mild attack of panic last night when my phone stopped working. It froze and after I remove and reseated the battery it refused to load at all. I became tangibly aware of the fact that without my BlackBerry I am completely cut off from the rest of the world. Thankfully it randomly started working again this morning and I haven't had a single problem since then. (Whew!) I am thinking I will have to purchase a crappy back up phone sometime just to have on hand should anything terrible happen to mine. Then I can just switch my SIM card and be right back up and running.

In honor of Star Wars Day, enjoy some funny star wars de-motivational pictures ;)