Monday, 4 June 2012

Last day here...

Today is my last day on vacation in Ottawa. I have done so much these past few days, the War Museum, Museum of Science and Technology, Parliament hill, and the National Gallery! I was lucky enough to get to go and see their latest temporary exhibit, Van Gogh : Close Up. It showcased his nature paintings and some of the works he used for references.... Unfortunately, at the National Gallery, you aren't allowed to take pictures of the exhibits, however I did manage to sneak a few pictures and I have tonnes of Parliament Hill.... I have decided I'm in love with this city, it's so much cleaner and prettier than Toronto has ever been. The strange part was there was NO street people.... well, one chick trying to get home, but I don't think that counts. The only thing this place needs is more street vendors, I cannot for the life of me figure out what these people eat when they are shopping, there is no street meat!

All in all it was amazing and I can't wait to move up here, there is far more to do here than in Belleville. You can even see Quebec right from Parliament Hill. Plus I can go to the museums all the time or even just go out for dinner! There are so many malls and restaurants to go to that I would never run out of new places to try!

Next time I am up here I plan on checking out my (hopefully) future campus.... Carleton University. Apparently it's a gorgeous campus, and the programs are awesome.

I'll be headed home to Belleville later today... my bus leaves by 4:30 tonight and I should be home by 8:00 tonight.... It's going to be a super boring bus ride but I will get home soon enough and I should be able to get some dinner started for when Marra gets home....

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