Monday, 21 January 2013


My room mate is driving me insane. She is completely incapable of caring for herself, nevermind her animals. Now she wants to take one of the kittens and transport him back and forth the Kingston a shit tonne of times while she spreads for some random.

She is such an idiot. Like honestly, she can't scoop a litter box and doesn't pay for there food or litter. Not to mention that she has never paid for worm or flea medication... Or bathed her cat.

And who the fuck takes a cat travelling back and forth... If she gets stuck there or Gizmo freaks out, he is screwed. Not to mention, I just got him potty trained. Her moving him all over the place is going to seriously fuck that up.

I think I'm just going to get my mom to help me place him somewhere. And if my animals are touched, there will be blood. Her claiming that all the animals are hers, fuck that noise. She has put nothing into those animals. No work, no love, no attempt to care for them. Her taking in Nicki was shit. To her, animals are toys. Garbage... Things...

I can't imagine treating animals like possessions. She does.... It's pitiful. The only thing she can love is dick. She is a two bit cheap whore. Spreading her legs for the first two legged critter that slithers up and pays attention to her.

I do all the housework, she sits on her fat ass...  Including caring for the pets. Good luck getting anything from me. She can pry those animals from my cold dead hands.

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