Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Belleville SlutWalk

A friend and I have decided our city of Belleville should have it's own SlutWalk... Many larger cities and towns have been having them so we decided we would love to see people coming out and walking for the cause. 

Slut-shaming has become more and more prevalent in our society and it a practice that even law enforcement has fallen into. The phrase "she was asking for it..." is said more and more. (Which, I might add, is strange because rape cannot be asked for by definition.) We are walking to show that Sluts and Allies alike, whether promiscuous, prostitute or nun, does not deserve to be sexually assaulted, raped or molested. 

If you are from Belleville, you should come out with us. March, stomp, shimmy and shake awareness into our little town! 

Belleville SlutWalk link is right here! 

The event is May 17th at 11am. 

We will be collecting donations for a local charity... If you have a suggestion for where our donations should go to, leave a comment or message us in the event! 

See you all there! 

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