Friday, 23 January 2015


Sometimes the hardest thing about friendship is finding them amongst the human garbage. In the past few months I have lost people who I viewed as friends, but after they were gone it gave me a sense of clarity. They weren't good friends. They weren't bad friends on purpose but they were bad friends.

The key to friendship is the same as a relationship. You HAVE to communicate. No one was communicating... even when I made an effort to convey my displeasure and asked them to talk to me openly and honestly.

Was I perfect. No. Was I selfish. Probably. I hurt feelings and made wrong choices. Maybe I was a bad friend. However, I don't believe that I deserved what people dished out... the unique amounts of crap each one of these people had to offer.

Am I better off without them? Yeah. Does that mean it doesn't hurt like hell? No.

So fuck those people, just for today.

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