Monday, 28 March 2011

New Day

Well today is the second week I've had of pure jobless bliss.
I've decided to keep a record of what I have been doing lately.
Today I've been feeling sick so I've decided to do some more cleaning and get the apartment cleaned up. I am also doing a Harry Potter marathon.
It is honestly very strange seeing him grow up from 11 yrs to become a young adult. I thought back and realized how long ago that series started.
I'm super excited to start working out, this pay I'll be putting my $10.00 deposit in on the key for my gym and my friend Chris and I will start working out together.
My goal is to get slim enough to maybe start dancing again.
Anyways, I'm glad to be rid of stream, it was a terrible place to work. Although, I do miss my friends....
I hope to get out of the house and out to MJ's soon enough!

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