Friday, 1 April 2011

Job hunting and skinny jeans

So note to self, when job hunting and you must walk... NEVER WEAR SKINNY JEANS.
I have been too fat to fit into them for a long time and now that the winter pudge is starting to drop off I'm able to squeeze my chubby buns into them.
I walk for about 5 minutes before I started getting pins and needles in my legs. It was actually pretty weird. I dropped off resumes at a couple different places but totally forgot to get a tin of coffee or change for laundry. So although I came home with everything for dinner I still felt like a fucking douchebag.
I honestly think that Dana is getting upset at me for not having a job so I'm going to start applying EVERYWHERE. Until now I've been avoiding fast food and call centers simply because I don't want to gain more weight, but if all else has failed, then I'll take what I can get for now, and just wait it out until something better comes along.
In other news I got to see an old friend, Laura. Shes a pretty girl with a rockabilly attitude. (I'm thoroughly surprised that Firefox recognized "rockabilly" as a word!) She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was having a "Drunk day" which consisted of brown bagging a bottle sherry and mixing it with beer and some other energy drink and vodka mix. Either way. I love her drunk days. I drew a picture of her that looked like something a decapitated baby would have done and she scribble me something I still having figured out. But it had boobs in it.
We made bad jokes and laughed hysterically at each others shortcomings and recent events. We are both "clean" now. It's actually nice to have friends that understand what it means.
Speaking of friends. I'm going to a passion party with Barb and Kaila. It's being hosted by another old friend, Kendra. I'm really looking forward to a night away from everything testosterone related, because I swear I honestly might smash every game system in the apartment otherwise.
All in all, today has been uneventful.... No word from Ky, but she'll call soon. Either way... I have to make plans for cottaging. However, that's another day and another blog.

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