Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer Time!

Summer has swept into Belleville, leaving a wave of sweat and ice capp's in it's wake. I've been doing a lot of swimming lately and I also have been looking for a job harder than ever!

I found something with a company called Vector however they are starting to annoy me to no end. I have to call in at 9am each morning (waking up the hubby that works late.) and they are scheduling me for training and not giving me the heads up before hand. I want to know how the fuck I am supposed to know to be in the office for training when they don't tell me.

I did get a call from the Brick and one from TAS however neither have panned out just yet. Hopefully I'll hear more in the near future =) All I can do is stay positive and see what happens, right?

Anyways I found out that I have not been crazy all these years... Emu's do in fact growl....

Can you hear it? I'm not totally nuts right?

In other news, I am going to my mom's place for some much needed R&R and some away time from the ins and outs of everyday life in Belleville. Simply put I need to get away. Plus my mom is taking some time off work for a stress leave and doctor has ordered her to de-stress and I think I should be there to help her with it. That way she has someone to help her clean and give her some personal relaxation time. Afterall she has been working in that hell hole of a law office for 10+ years.

I applied at the community advocacy and legal center =) I'm hoping I get the job as junior assistant. It would make life a lot easier. I got turned down by second career unfortunately and that means I have to pay for my education or get OSAP. I think OSAP is the way to go honestly. It means I can get into school possibly as soon as September. That would be a mighty nice birthday gift to me!

Anymawho, cheers!

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