Thursday, 13 December 2012

Seagate... What an impression.

So a while ago I purchased a Seagate 1.5 tb desktop external hard drive. It was a great price and it seemed really solid.

Last night before going to sleep I noticed a beeping noise coming from the hard drive. After some searching on the internet, it became clear that it was an issue that cropped up a lot with Seagate hd's.

Fearing that my drive was going to die and I would lose all my data, I called the company. I got accidentally disconnected from one tech rep bit when I called back I managed to touch base with a guy who quickly got me from verifying my account to working on the issue.

I was immediately offered a replacement drive and given the shipping options. I wasn't really happy with having to pay shipping to send it back or to pay them for what should be a warranty replacement. After I asked politely, the fees were waived and the order was set up.

It was almost effortless and compared to most other experiences I have had with other companies. I was actually very impressed with the whole experience. For as much as I was really unhappy that my drive was screwed up, I cannot say enough about how Seagate made me a seriously happy customer.

Definitely worth it for what I paid.

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