Saturday, 8 December 2012

Back to work

So I have now been back to work for 2 weeks and it literally makes me want to find a window and jump.

I have decided I hate my job more than anything else in my life. It's boring, monotonous and filled with idiots. Literally. I have to fix people's printers because they are too useless to understand how google works. It's a printer.... Either its broken or its not.

Oh, your printer is spewing toner everywhere and has spontaneously combusted? Ever think of turning the stupid thing off? No? Okay then, just keep trying to print and then instead of telling me what the issue is, call and give a vague description of it... Like "my printer is not working" or "it won't print" How about you actually tell me what's going on, so I don't have to play 20 million questions to get the answer.

Oh and the best part is going from my leave to work 10 hour shifts... That is seriously messed up and unnecessary. Not to mention its actually an 11 hour shift... So calculating travel time, I get to spend more time at or travelling to work then I get to spend at home most days... Sounds perfect for someone who has anxiety and stress issues... >.<

Not to mention my benefits company, Sunlife, is the worst benefits company I have ever encountered. They had no one to answer the phone when I called on more than one occasion. If you leave a voicemail, you can count on it never being listened to or your call returned. And then even if you were previously approved for benefits for the same issue, you will still be forced to go through the approval process again. You have to submit a 1 page, 2 sided document that it apparently it took the representative 5 business days to read and process... If you have that many issues with English, you might want to take some lessons or something.

And I am so sick of being asked if I am happy to be back... I know its polite but seriously... Am I happy to be back at the job that stressed me out to a point where I mentally snapped and my body began to believe all food and contact with the outdoors was evil? Yes..  that's why I have a similar crazy grin and eye twitch to a hobo that is about to kill, cannibalize and rape you... In that order.

At least the kittens are getting bigger. They are like 6 weeks now and 2 of them have hopefully found their new families. Bonnie and Clyde are the first to go... Now I just need a home for Gizmo if I can give him up... You really do get attached to the little buggers...

Oh and Christmas, I am almost ready for it... I have most of my gifts done. Now I only have my 2 nephew's gifts and my friends Barb and Cory to buy for. I am finding the boys really hard to buy for... I don't know what little boys like these days... I'm almost set on getting them nerf guns and some extra darts... I will have to make sure to tell them not to shoot there sister or the new baby when she comes along.

Well... Back to my sleepy weekend. I really need to find some more mushrooms so I can get rid of these headaches for a while... They are killing me!

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