Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Don't you love it?

I have had an interesting few weeks, and to tell you the truth, I am almost wishing they don't continue. I found a job at a local restaurant as a hostess. I work a couple hours a night and basically run my ass off. I love the people and the atmosphere but I am not entirely sure I can deal with working less that 60 hours a month. I won't even be pulling in as much as I would have with Ontario Works! I have re-applied to Stream and I believe they want me back. I have an interview with them on Thursday.

In other news I have made a few friends and have been trying to get out to make more. I even managed to get in touch with my old friends. My friend Caroline and I have been planning a get together and she is going to be attending Moose's with me. OH! That is news! I will be going to Moose's Labour Day Bash for an early birthday celebration. There should be lots of drinking, smoking and loud music. Not to mention sweaty old biker men lmfao! All in all it will be amazing and I am sure everyone will love it. I am also planning to go out for lunch with my beloved Barb on my birthday =) We are planning to just hang out and chill. Of course Dana will be planning something I am sure!

Dana was not too happy about me going to Moose's, he assumed I would drink myself into being a drunken floozy. I was not too happy and we got into one helluva fight over it. We have it settle now and I think he may even be a happier person because of it. He just needs to be a little less judgmental and a little more positive. It would be a good change for him.

Either way, there are many things to update you on, and I will eventually. However, for now, it is bedtime.


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