Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day of improvisations....

So I made cupcakes today and they were supposed to be soft fluffy white cake with a beautiful rich mocha frosting.... I made the mistake of substituting brown for white sugar and using shortening in place of the butter. Needless to say, my cupcakes are beige-ish and have the texture of carrot cake... The icing was also a flop. I followed the instructions to the letter and the icing was so liquidy that I was forced to DIP my cupcakes into it. Needless to say I am not pleased with anything that is coming out of my oven today. Therefore, I have made the executive decision that the chicken for tonight will be cooked via crock pot.

In other news I am apparently going to a bar this friday, just wahoo's nothing fancy, and am having a bash thrown in honor of my 22 orbit around the sun. I believe the hubby is just planning something small, just a couple people over here to have some drinks and chill. I really wanted a Pinata but I sincerely doubt that will happen. I just wanted to get drunk and beat the living shit outta something that is social appropriate to beat. Oh well. At least I can get drunk, attempt to play warcraft with Cody and them engage in the highly dangerous sport of drunken baking! I am thinking I will start out with making something ridiculous like chocolate mousse served in an edible cup... Very fun. It involves balloons (which I pee myself everytime they pop) and something that makes it even more risky, molten chocolate!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO

I am really thinking I need a new hobby. Baking gets expensive, painting gets messy and working out just failed miserably. Can't stand getting sweaty and flushed... too much work. Facecrack is getting exceptionally boring, and that's more of an addiction then a hobby. Iunno, I just feel like taking up a new activity could be beneficial =)

Will write more later, smoke time now!

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