Saturday, 7 April 2012

Apartment & Happenings!

Just wanted to update everyone on my apartment situation. It is getting better. The conditions are definitely not what I would like to live in but it is getting mildly better.

The landlord's sons came by last weekend and started doing some work. They determined the mold was from condensation gathering in the apartment and they sprayed eco/pet friendly mold killer to kill the mold and spores, removed the chipped paint and are repainting the ceiling. They also got the sink fixed by replacing the pipes underneath and the whole faucet. It looks a lot nicer and is much easier to manage now. I couldn't be more pleased with the fact that I can do dishes in my apartment now without constantly wiping up my counter and needing a mop bucket under the sink.

We did have a mild issue with the hot water, but it turned out someones child was running amok through the building and turned down the heaters... I tell you, it was a very chilly morning shower to start my week. I was not pleased at the situation.

I also was not pleased that they showed up a day late and then bitched that the apartment was not pristine. I mean there was maybe a couple pairs of shoes on the floor and a few things out of place but everything was tidy and pretty much put away. I had even swept and mopped the entire place and washed down the walls, I even managed to put away almost all the dishes into their proper cupboard! (Which, by the way,no small feat in my home!)

Oh and did you know apparently cat shit is supposed to smell like flowers and fresh linen, because they were having a fit that they could smell the litter boxes when they were standing right beside them. If they think there is a better way to deal with 4 cats, they can let me know, but I think the fact that my whole home doesn't smell like a crazy cat lady's home is a miracle. My animals are kept happy and healthy and I told them to feel free to bring in animal services if they wanted because my animals are well kept and loved. I don't think you will find a more affectionate brood of cats and a more well feed clan of sugar butts. None of them are sick, malnourished or hurt. No one has even complained, nor could the landlords tell how many animals I had until they asked and were shocked at the number because "There is no way you could have that many in here and have it look like this!"

In other news, still no baby cousin as of yet. Twice now my aunt was supposed to be induced but they stupid hospital screwed up. Hopefully it happens for her on Monday, my aunt seems to be getting fed up of being pregnant. I have to admit the suspense is killing me! I am looking forward to meeting my baby cousin!

That's all I got for now, I'll probably give you some new tidbit later!

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