Sunday, 29 July 2012

Art for Sale!

 Ocean Flower for Kim Hicks
 Cherry Blossom on Metal
Wiggly Lines - Incomplete
For Baby Blaire

I  have decided to start actually selling my art, I have been painting for a long time and it's something I do just as a hobby. I love to paint and give it to people and so when someone offered me money for them, I was shocked. I never thought people would be interested in it, but they have. If you want to see more you can do so here : Paintings!

I'm not asking a lot for them, just enough to cover my costs and to give a donation to the JDRF or whatever research organization I'm asked to give to. Each painting is going to be $10, $5 of which is going to cover costs and the other $5 will go to charity. If people want to give more, I will donate it, I'm ONLY keeping the $5 for my costs.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me.... you can leave me a comment or find me on on facebook here :
or like my facebook page here :

I will set up an email shortly and see about the cost of shipping, both local and international, as well as I will be looking into making prints of my pictures. So please, leave me some feedback!

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