Monday, 30 July 2012

Amazing weekend.

I just spent the most amazing weekend with my aunt and my baby cousin. We hung out and spent so much time snuggling with my beautiful baby cousin. She gets bigger every time I see her and she is always learning something new. Joe is the perfect kid, she makes me want my own.

I don't even mind changing diapers which is a task I normally despise with all my being, but for Josie, I do it without even a second thought. She is a the most darling child.

I'm really happy my parents got the second house, it's perfectly scrumptious. I want it so bad and for the price they got it for, you can't complain. My aunt and Josie should be moved in by September. Speaking of September, Josie is having the water spell being cast on her on my birthday, September the 8th. I'm oddly proud, which is weird because hokum never pleases me in any way.

We also got to eat dinner together, I managed to feed my Aunt some spare ribs and potatoes.... I just tossed together what I could find for a sauce and it turned out awesome. I can't complain in the slightest.

Really, why do I have to go to work today.... I'd rather just stay here in Warkworth and make fart noises and stupid faces at the tiny human for the next forever.

Speaking of fart noises...... guess who has learned to make them That's right, beautiful Josie....I'll post the video ASAP

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