Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Good weekend

I actually managed to have a great weekend this passed one. I have been getting better and better about spending my time on things I really want to do.

I was sick with some sort of hellish flu for the better part of it but my mystery guy came down to visit and we spent time snuggling and he helped me by cooking and cleaning for me (what a sweetie right?). I decided that it was a good idea to head to the mall so we grabbed a bus up there and meandered around. I got some new stuff and bought him a pair of shorts that we would have to exchange due to him not reading the tag.

After hitting up green earth for candles (red velvet cupcake scented.... Soooo good) we made our way to futureshop. I got a kick ass new external desktop hard drive. It's 1.5 tb and it was only $100. Can't beat that around here. I love it and so does my less full computer. After taxes it was close to $113 but I needed it rather badly and it was the best price out there.

We walked toward our intended final destination, freshco, but stopped once at Teri's Pet Shop. A really super friendly sales clerk let me hold a bird and I got to play with a super cute pregnant cat. After a bit we moved on and finally finished out outing with grocery shopping and a can ride home.

The next day, we went back to the mall. It was drizzly but okay so we walked anyways. I wanted to get meal worms for the gliders but we went to a much closer pet store that didn't carry them and managed to snag yogurt drops and flea bath instead. After a quick trip around the mall we went home after grabbing some much needed art supplies for me.

The rest of our weekend was spent on snuggling, cooking and having a QT movie marathon. We got through Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Death Proof. I looooove them all <3

So yes, amazing weekend for me :) how was your weekend?

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