Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stressed out!

This week has been nothing but so much stress. I have decided moving to Ottawa will be a much welcomed change from my crappy call center job and my pitiful excuse for an apartment. Between bitchy room mates, Shitty Belleville buses and work pissing me off I want to burn my life to the ground and start again.

I was voluntold today by my work that I would have to come in for an extra 4 hours every weekend. Which is just ridiculous. They screwed up there staffing and thus screwed us. Now they want us to use our own time to be trained which is fucking ridiculous. I am going to be getting a note from my doctor which clearly states I can work no more than 40 hours per week.

Oh! Other big news! I finally got my inside problems diagnosed. I now am the proud own of not only PCOS and Agoraphobia but also IBS or Crohns. So excited.... Not. For the better part of a month it has felt like someone is ripping my guts out through my belly button. Also the constant need to use the washroom is causing my call center job to be a much more difficult. The stress of which makes my insides feel soooo much worse.

Oh and the Belleville transit system. Apparently it is perfectly okay for there buses to just not fucking show up. 'Cause y'know.... It's not like anyone depends on it for there job. I called to complain and was asked to leave my number and a preferred callback time, which I did. So far, no callback and I've been waiting on one since Wednesday.

All in all it was an impressively bad week. Like "I tried to quit my job and they wouldn't let me" kinda week. It can only go uphill from here though.... I hope.

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