Monday, 23 May 2011

Cottaging Weekend

I have returned a crispy and red version of my former self. Cottaging was a huge success, there were plenty of smiling faces and requests to come back sometime. Most of my weekend was spent by the fire drinking and smoking til my hearts content. The rest of the weekend was spent talking with my grandparents or eating the delicious food.

In all there was 10 of us, and they were all great people, I really feel like I got to connect with all of them on a more personal level. We had a number of meaningful discussions and got into a great number of topics about health care, education and the every present relationships. We only had 2 single people at the cottage and they seemed to fit in just fine.

The first night there everyone was totally loaded and high and 3 of us  actually managed to stay up the whole night. About 1/2 of us watched the sunrise over the tree tops. It was absolutely gorgeous to watch, and the "Day of Rapture" turned out to be gorgeous and warm. Most of us even got in the water at some point for a brief, cold swim. We even managed to all get tanned! John and Uncle Craig sat with us and enjoyed soaking up the sunlight on what has probably been the most gorgeous day that year. Saturday night, Jenn, Matt, Dana and I spent hours upon hours talking with my grandparents and my 3rd cousin, Dennis. We laughed til all hours of the night and drank away our time.

On the final day, everyone started leaving around the 4pm mark and soon only Dana and I were left, excluding my family and John. I exchanged contact info with John and my uncle and we left. Although we had to turn around to get my sugar gliders. Turns out my grandparents didn't feel up to another set of pets, so we came back and took them home with us, feeling a little silly for leaving the animals by accident.

I got a tonne of pictures and plenty of everyone, I'll post some of the ones I got of the lake and sky. It was absolutely gorgeous, and everyone was amazing!

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