Sunday, 15 May 2011


So life has been a little hectic as of late and thus I have had no time to write here, that's okay though... It's more like a journal than a blog.

I did a little bit of visiting over the past week. I managed to make it out to mum's place and see the family. I spent 2 days with my grandparents visiting and helping out with garden work. ( Even though my terrific fear of worms caused me to drop numerous pieces of vegetation and run screaming like a girl to the other side of the yard.) It went well, I did some sewing as well, making some new pouches and cage items for my Sugar gliders. There is some new zebra striped pieces for me to put in there cage and it looks really neat. I also got to visit Pumpkin and Sheena, we spent most of our time colouring and Sheen and I took a look at the lingerie she had ordered. Now comes the part of working off my winter blubber to fit into it.

Speaking of winter blubber, I have decided to start doing Cindy Crawfords workout. Mum gave it to me while I was down and it's pretty neat. I need to find myself a pair of 5lb weights. I'm pretty stoked about getting my weight down to an acceptable level.

Other than that I have been busy planning my May 24 party. I am visiting my cottage with a bunch of friends and we plan on spending the weekend relaxing and drinking our cares away. Ky, Barb and I are going to be doing food for everyone and that should last us the weekend. Next comes the job of planning where everyone will sit in cars and who is sleeping where. Most people are probably going to be tenting it, but I'm sleeping inside in my bedroom where it will be bug free! I can't wait to do some fishing =D I never catch anything but something about being stuck in a boat with someone flinging hooks about wildly just captivates me!

In other news, I have a job interview scheduled for tomorrow, it's for a nanny position not far from my apartment. I also received a callback from a company called Launch! to be a product demonstrator. Should be neat.

Anymawho, I'm not up to too much today, mostly just relaxing on the couch with the hubby and trying to plan the rest of my week. I think I'm visiting a friend in the next apartment building Tuesday afternoon and I'm babysitting Monday and Tuesday mornings. I am also trying to find some new delicious things to make for cottaging weekend. So far I've done up a batch of Watermelonade.... it's amazing and looks really pretty! I wanted to have my Moira, Darling bikini done up by then but I'm not sure I'll get the chance to.  I need a sewing machine to do it and unfortunately I don't have one of those at the moment. It's going to be amazing, and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting plenty of requests to have them done from my friends. I figure it's waaaay better than paying $50+ for a tiny piece of fabric that I can make myself out of a t-shirt!

OH! In other news Dana and I managed to get the penthouse suite in the apartment! It's just a 1 bedroom apartment but the view is amazing and the apartment itself is really quite cozy. It's much smaller that the 2 bedroom we have now, however I like it just as much and I don't have to deal with the annoying intellect-deficient man that Dana calls "Dad" living in the other room. (Thank Jebus.) I plan on redo-ing the whole apartment to MY liking and getting rid of the white washed walls and stale looking drapes. Not to mention there will be a whole lot of furniture shopping in my near future. I'm thinking I want to do my furniture from second hand, it helps the environment and it's cost effective. Thank goodness for the Donny Brooke auction, it's got a whole lot of stuff there and hopefully I can find everything I need in one fell swoop.

I think that is everything for now, although I do have some pictures to put up from at my grandparents place. I should have tonnes more by the end of summer! Even some of the homeless shelter I plan on building as a summer project.


Edit: Here are the pictures as promised!

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