Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Why is it a theological discussion always devolves into Dana being pissed off. I ask him what he wants to do with his life and he ends up being pissed off at me because he said he can't be a truck driver 'cause society sucks. I ask him why society sucks and I get "Because I want to be alone." Then when I tell him he obviously doesn't otherwise he wouldn't have a girlfriend and live with his father, he gets more pissed off and says he hate society because they discriminate and use people. I then asked him what he could do to change it he immediately starts ranting about how I have an answer for everything and I should just shut up because he can never be happy because it takes too much work to do what he loves ( To be a trucker? Really?) and how he should just live to work and work to live.

He is the most pessimistic person I have ever met. Seriously... I don't know how that man still functions. I think I would rather work all my life to get to where I can do something I love instead of hate what I'm doing and spend my life dreaming of doing something better.

I mean is it really that hard to do something with your life? I wish he could just look at SOMETHING with an optimistic outlook, for once. I mean the guy thinks I secretly hate him >.< Honestly, he needs to loosen up... shake some idea's out and de-stress. For once I wish he would relax and just have an open, honest discussion with me without getting upset or macho.

Anyways, just felt like ranting....

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