Wednesday, 5 September 2012

3 days

I'm 3 days away from my 23rd birthday. I know its not a milestone or anything big but it feels big.
I think it's because this is the first year I have really been on my own with no boyfriend living with me to help on rent ect. I mean sure, Marra has been here but sometimes that's more trouble than its worth.
Honestly, I can't wait until I move to Ottawa. It may be happening sooner than originally planned as well. Something like November hopefully. It will be really nice to get out of this town.
School will be hard enough to get underway, but I definitely want to start taking courses in January. I'm thinking of applying for some online courses with my next pay cheque. Just to kind of get a leg up and hopefully make it easier to get into college.
Anyways, I'm going to wrap up the ramble. Just wanted to clear the noise out of my head!

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