Monday, 17 September 2012


I am feeling a lot of pressure being released lately. I have gotten my diagnosis of IBS and been started on some meds that seem to help a lot. I also have gotten my ILOA form signed for work so that I am able to take some time off without fear of penalty if I have a flare up or can't make it through a work day. All in all, it is looking up right now.

My next task to accomplish is to get my application in for an apartment in Ottawa. I may be taking a 2 bdrm or possibly just a 1. It all depends on if my room mate if coming with me. It's a tough call, she is my best friend but sometimes she drives me completely insane with her crap.

I am sure it will all get figured out. I'm also pleased to report that dealing with bills has been easier. I have over paid my hydro bill and as such I owe Veridian next to nothing. My phone bill is higher than what I want but now that I have the long distance issue all sorted out it should be much better. Rent is overpaid for this month as well so next month will be much easier to take care of in comparison.

I'm also looking at getting a prescription for Mushrooms for my migraines. It is becoming more and more apparent that I need to do something about them and magic mushrooms (psilocybin - don't quote me on the spelling since I'm in no mood for spell check) is the only thing that helps. I'm not even kidding either, next time you have a killer migraine, take a gram and become a believer.

However, I'm going to find a bagel. The man just left and I'm feeling a lonely carb filled food binge coming on!

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