Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Life has been moving along nicely as of late. There is no longer a teenager living in my living room, but there is a teenager who owes me money living elsewhere.

I contacted fixed fur life about my pregnant stray cat that I am takinb care of and they are willing to take her in along with any kittens that don't find homes. Nicki will be staying with Marra and I until the kittens are weaned, then they will be taken to fixed fur life for new homes.

Other than that, my little brother has finally hit the end of his rope. He got caught with weed in his bag, avoiding a drug search by skipping out. He then refused to let then search him, and got himself suspended for a week. When my parents took away his internet and tv privileges, he had a bit of a fit and ran away. He can back long enough to mess up my computer and then after I gave him a good smack and took his laptop, he ran away again. This time he ran away in campbellford... He went to my grandparents place and was told he was not welcome back at home. Apparently he is moving to Oshawa to be with his semi-retarded friend and his friends crackhead mom. I'm giving it a few weeks before he wants to come home.

Other than that, I have my health stuff dealt with mostly. I have a few more things to take care of but otherwise, everything is good. My next big thing is going to be packing my stuff up and getting ready for the big move to Ottawa.

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