Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cogeco... Almost as bad as Rogers.

Seriously, this is a terrible company. I have always been told they have the worst customer service but I thought I would give them a shot.

Boy was I wrong to do that!

They have some of the most unintelligent, disrespectful customer service agents I have ever spoken with. I cannot stress enough that they are one of the worst companies I have ever spoken with in my life.

You can't even directly speak with a supervisor. That ought to tell you something about how many people are pissed off with them. I'm glad I won't be locked into a contract with these idiots.

They managed to cancel the installation without informing me, screw up putting in bank numbers and tell me repeatedly that I should just call back.

This is all before I have even had the service set up! At least Rogers had the decency to get me up and running before screwing up this badly.

In short. I would give Cogeco a 2/10 and the only reason I'm willing to go that high is because of one agent named Rose who was exceptionally helpful.

Fuck Cogeco.

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