Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Douchebag landlords strike again!

Once again, my landlords have out douched themselves. This time they are trying to prevent me from having internet installed by refusing to allow cogeco to make a hole to install the cable they need. I am pissed. I have an appointment to have it installed tomorrow, and I will be keeping it. Cogeco may need permission to put a hole in the wall, but I certainly fucking don't. I will be asking where the hole needs to be and either taking a drill, a hammer or my boot to that spot. Way I figure it is that if he wants to be an assholr about a small hole in the wall, two can play that game.

I even offered to patch it when I moved out, which is more then they can say they did since they barely cleaned anything before we took possession of the unit. But apparently that was not good enough. Remind me to not clean anything for a month before I leave and to stuff raw fish under the floor boards

They are the most unprofessional, inappropriate morons I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. I will be so glad to move out of this shit hole.

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