Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Week Three

So I'm now onto week 3 of my leave from work. I've been feeling a lot better, still have some anxiety about the outdoors and I am having trouble sleeping.

All in all though, I feel destressed. Money was an issue for a bit but I've managed to clear that issue up. The migraines are almost gone, and my hair has stopped falling out mostly. This is much improved from my previous state.

My next check up will determine if I am to return to work or not. I have to check back in with my doctor and he may want to try the anti depressants again. The problem with that is I tend to be non-compliant with them and they stop and start.

Today I'm feeling a touch sickie... However, it could be much much worse. I have a little headache and my tummy is a bit off.

Oh! And I have an old friend coming to visit. Her name is Caroline... We have known each other since grade 5 and she has always been so nice to me. I'm really happy we are going to see each other. And my Barbie is coming to visit me as well. I think that those two will mesh quite well. They are both so sweet natured and make wonderful friends. Barb wants to go to the bar tonight, I may be up for it but I'm not sure, I'm not really a drinker and with this headache....

In other news, the guy I'm seeing has managed to snap up a job. I'm so proud of him ^.^

Also I've managed to get tonnes of my Christmas shopping done. I'm really happy that its getting figured out now as opposed to later. I have a hookah for Marra, a vaporizer for another friend, mum is getting baking stuff and a small digital picture frame for her desk, my sister is getting pinch guards for her doors. The list goes on and on.... So far I haven't spent a tonne on it, but I still want to get a few more things. I am re-doing an old wooden sled for my aunt and Josie... She will love it!

However, I'm going to go sleep off this headache before I have to get up and tidy.


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