Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rogers Customer Service Update.... Even more moronic.....

So I totally had yet another fine and (un)helpful experience with Rogers.

After speaking with the retention rep to get my second phone sent out, they managed to still screw it up....i went to the store to pick up my phone. That was actually resolved. I managed to get my phone from the store and have it set up without any issue. The only issue was that my sim was not activated for close to 48 hours.

After getting my phone setup, I received a phone call from the "service center" and some idiot named Curtis. He told me that although I had given my deposit, I had apparently never given it to them and was required to give it to them again before my phone was shipped out. When I asked to speak to his manager I was told he only had one manager in the whole place, who was apparently in a meeting.

Eventually I told the guy to get by a bus and called retention again, I got this horrible woman who didn't even want to tell me her name. Eventually I did have to give them the card information again because apparently it was never entered by the first guy who took it. Then after confirming the address several times and the person that it should have been addressed to as well I felt like it could possibly be fixed....


UPS called me the next day and asked for the correct address... Apparently I wanted it shipped to 70 McAvenue. Yes.... McAvenue. The house is called McHouse, and there is a McCar in the McDriveway.... Then when I call to make sure it can be picked up at the depot, it's apparently addressed to the WRONG PERSON!!!!

The next person I spoke with from customer care was HORRIBLE.... AGAIN. She couldn't give a shit and acted like this was all my fault. At this point, I had been on the phone for 11... count 'em... 11 HOURS! She finally called UPS and was completely unable to fix it.... So I went to the management dept, which was apparently above the retention people. Before transferring me there she assured me that the phone would be delivered by 7pm Friday night... (it's now sunday.... no phone.).

I then got some other guy from the management department... he was actually pretty decent. He decided my issues were worth more than just one month free.... So he gave me another month off of my bill. Now I have around $180  in credits....

All in all Rogers is a bunch of morons who have the intellectual equivalency to a pile of uncooked hamburger... I definitely think it must be a job requirement to have a pencil crayon shoved into their brains before the completion of training....

So to recap... I now have spent 11:27 minutes on the phone with Rogers, gone to the store 3 times, called another store twice. Dealt with customer service representatives, retentions, management and the service center....

Thank you once again to Rogers... can I just tell you how much I enjoy your companies helpness and ability to give me piece of mind, time and time again.... *note the sarcasm here..*

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  1. Hi,

    This is Chris from the Rogers social media team. I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for the trouble you had with us lately. It sounds like we made some mistakes and that you could have been treated a lot better.

    If you have anything you need in the future, send us a tweet @RogersHelps or drop us a note on our Rogers Facebook page, we'll be happy to help!

    Again, my apologies!