Wednesday, 9 May 2012


So just an update.... Hammie is absolutely wonderful. My beloved baby squirrel is doing wonderful and seems to be completely healthy... I have started him on Esbilac formula and he is taking in about 9ml per feeding. I have to schedule a vet check up for him to have a parasite check and just an overall wellness exam. Thank goodness I already know a wonderful vet for small animals...

He has become so wonderfully affection and loves to sleep in my hands. He hasn't bit anyone but he definitely loves to make himself heard. When it is feeding time, he shrieks as loud as he can so that we don't forget him (How could we?!) and he has also taken to rattling his cage bars like a little inmate.

I've noticed that he has got his bottom teeth and his top teeth are definitely coming in. He is attempting to drink from a dish but I haven't seen him take in any solid foods. I'm sure he will get there... The little booger is alert and very playful. While he was waiting for me to make up his formula this morning he was playing around in my hair.

I'll have to grab some really good photos with my camera, but for now you will have to make due with what I've got on my facebook.

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