Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I'm grateful for.

1) My Family

-They are looking out for my best interests.
-They love me when I'm at my best, and even more when I'm at my worst.
-They are the people I can always count on.

2) Marra

-She tells me what I look great in, but also can tell me when I REALLY should not wear
-She doesn't judge me when I dance like an idiot in the kitchen, she dances with me instead.
-She always backs me up, even if we are fighting.

3) My home

-I have a place that is mine
-It's more than what some other people have
-It's where I can see both Marra and my pets

4) My pets

-They never talk back
-They always wanna snuggle
-The worst thing they've ever done is poop on the rug.

5) Music

-It can turn a day around in an instant
-It's the one thing that can make outside less terrifying.
-It's the language that unites the world.

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