Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Been Busy

Lately I've been a touch pre-occupied with things and havan't had much time to really update my blog all that often. Good news is that soon I should have interwebs and I will then be able to update this blog every day and work a lot harder on my blog/book. 

Honestly I wish that I did have access to internet, this would be an amazing outlet for my thoughts. Especially with all the housing issues I've been posting out. Yes, believe it or not they are still going on. I do believe my landlords are trying to give me a stroke. 

I cannot wait to get my butt out of that place and move to Ottawa. I've been looking at getting a house with some friends. It makes sense because of the amount of space we'd have plus if you think of cost effectiviness, it's no different than owning an apartment. I have been looking at adds online and I've seen a few really gorgeous places that look like they are well taken care of and that the owners have a lot of pride in. 

I am pleased to annouce as well that I am headache free.... I finally decided it was time to have a little fun and shake it up. I got a 1/4 of mushies and took 2 grams last saturday. It was amazing, gorgeous fractals and intense open eye visuals. The colours reminded me of gasoline in a puddle. They were mainly blue, green, purple and gold but occasionally would change as the geometric patterns and fractals came into and out of focus. I had a great time and like usual found it to be a relaxing and unique experience that was well needed and deserved. I took the mushrooms around 8:30 and most of my visuals if not all had stopped by 10:30, I felt almost completely down by midnight. It was a relatively short trip but definitely visually intense. I didn't experience a whole lot of thought loops or mind tripping, but I did get the giggley/happy effects at the beginning. 

The best side effect of the mushrooms was that I got rid of the constant pressure in my head that I had thought was normal. It has been there for so long I stopped noticing it but once there was relief from it, it made a huge difference. My whole body changed and relaxed. For most of the night after the mushrooms wore off my legs refused to cooperate and standing was challenging as my body adjusted to not being tense. Since then everything has re-oriented itself and I feel amazing. My anxiety about going out has gone down to a mere 2/10 and I have noticed a change in my whole way of looking at things. I find myself less irratable and more motivated to do things. (I suppose not having a headache helps with that.) 

I will definitely be keeping track of my headaches and seeing when they start to come back, however it looks like I may have found a viable treatment for my migraines and tension headaches. I was surprised to find that my anxiety level dropped dramatically. Over night I went from 8/10 to 2/10 and have felt myself feeling far more social than I have been in a long time. I will make sure to keep everyone updated on my headaches and progress, hopefully I have at least a few months without headaches before I have to re-dose. 

In other news, bills are finally getting caught up and I should have them caught up in time to enjoy the events happening this summer. I will be buying my bus ticket for my ottawa trip soon and then hopefully be getting my Rockfest tickets with one of my pays this month. Can't wait! I'll bring back lots of pictures from Ottawa and all the things I get to do to show you all!

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