Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rogers customer care: The helpful idiots of the call center world.

I am officially sick of Rogers. I have called in so many times it's ridiculous. All I want to do it upgrade my phone and make my plan into a family plan so I can put another line on there. Seems fairly simple right?! Yeah, too bad it's been 4 days, 2 different stores and at least 10 calls into customer care have yielded next to ZERO results.

I have dealt with customer care representatives who sounds bored, retarded and stoned. I have talked to a supervisor and been amazingly patient. I paid the $200 they asked for and was even understanding when they tried to charge me $700 and $400 for a $400 phone on a 3 year term. I finally got the phone hardware upgrade sorted out, then the store suddenly had their brains fall out of their heads.

I added the other person as a level one authorized user on the line and paid the deposit over the phone, however when the other person got to the store they were told that it wouldn't happen. When I called the store I was told that they were "Too Busy" or it just "couldn't be done."

Finally I managed to call in after 2 hours of fighting and actually GET to retention. I was then hung up on and told to stop being inappropriate because I said "Freakin". Finally after getting someone on the phone and explaining it again..... I am getting the phone sent out asap (which in Rogers world means 5-7 business days) and then we will have to change the it to a family plan.

I am demanding a credit on my account and then going to be paying a very inexpensive bill..... So far I have a month free for the second line... I am sincerely hoping they give me more than that because $60 is not nearly worth the amount of trouble that is going on here.

This has been an experience I will NOT soon forget and I am sure none of the people I have been talking to about this will forget it either. The service was great for the most part but the helpfulness of each agent was the pits! Honestly if it wasn't for the contract I would have taken my business elsewhere....

I hope no one else has this experience..... I am FINALLY getting my $0 hardware upgrade to my HTC Raider for $0.01 and having the second line activated on my plan. I hope Rogers does much better than that in the future.

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  1. Hi FlutterbyDust - my name is Kelly and I work with the Social Media team at Rogers.

    We came across your blog post and were very sorry to read about your experience.

    I'd just like you to know we have a team on Twitter to assist our customers who can be reached @RogersHelps. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or the team in the future - we'd like to help!