Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cupcakes and Crickets

Today was an odd day... I did a couple different things. I spent my morning watching an old Tom Cruise film, Rainman. Then I moved on to my actual task of shopping. I unfortunately had to walk in the rain to the local stores. I managed to make it to the pet store, grabbed some crickets and food for the fish & turtles. My second stop was the dollar store where I grabbed some more art supplies and canvasses. Nothing fancy, just what I needed to practice. My last stop was GT, they had some shorts on sale, so I grabbed a couple pairs and carried on, I got the frosting I needed for my cupcakes and meandered home. I found out that my favourite music to walk in the rain to are Our Lady Peace and John Mayer. It is amazing rainy day music.

After I got home and did some dishes up, I set to work on my cup cakes... I decided on plain vanilla cupcakes. I got both Chocolate and French Vanilla frosting for them.

I used this recipe Here

After my cupcakes were done, I decided that I needed to do some painting.... I got to work on my "Love Yourself" painting. It only took about 15 minutes to do but it needed a couple touch ups that took a bit longer. It turned out gorgeous! I'm really excited. I need to figure out who to give it too. ^.^

After that came dinner, I did a General Tao sauce on pork chops and beans. I did some garlic and butter potatoes... A-Maze-Ing. They were fantastic. I can't wait for barbeque season, Dana will be teaching me how to barbeque properly.... It's weird to think that little over a year ago I had never cooked anything outside of KD and Mr. Noodles.

I'm super excited for summer, for cottaging and for everything that comes next.... Can't wait to update you on what's happening in life!

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