Saturday, 30 April 2011

A wedding.

So I realized I haven't updated in a while, my life has been extremely hectic. To almost the point of madness. I had a big week planned with visiting people and trying to keep the house looking nice. So, bright and early Tuesday morning I got up and went to starbucks to grab a cup of Java with Chris Cromwell, (Yes, from Moira, Darling) Unfortunately I got lost in my own little world and started exploring the Chapters next door. We totally missed each other and didn't get to hang out at all. Needless to say I was disappointed, but I got home and later on got caught in the torrential downpour that came up suddenly while I was taking a walk to the store. Needless to say it was freezing but wonderful at the same time. I've always had a certain softness for rainstorms and perpetually feel the need to dance in them... I think they are beautiful.

The rest of my week was spent in a boring haze, attempting to conquer the common cold and making plans for what was happening the rest of the week. My best friend, Bryan, messaged me and told me we were doing something monumental on Friday, although he didn't specify. Finally when the day arrived I was going out of my brains... I was sick and gloomy, I also had no idea what was happening. Finally they buzzed up to the apartment and told me they were waiting. I hightailed it down to the car, wondering what was going to be meeting me when I arrived. To my surprise Bryan, Kelly and someone else, who was later introduced to me as Tim, were all there... In my puzzled and amused way I looked at them and promptly stuck my foot in my mouth. I gave an exasperated sigh while tossing my backpack into the car and asked "You aren't going to make me do anything dumb like officiate your wedding, right?" Immediately the 3 of them burst into gales of laughter as I hopped in looking puzzled. Bryan peered around his seat with a grin as wide as his face and said, "Yeah... funny story..." I knew at that exact moment what shoe leather tasted like and that I was going to a wedding in track pants and a white Melissa sweater. Tim told me he was Kelly's witness and we talked a while, you could feel the tension in the car climb, along with the excitement. We stopped and picked up whatever cash we needed and drove to the house were the marriage would be preformed.

The man who was preforming the ceremony was thankfully humorous and had a bubbling personality that fit great with Bryan and Kelly. Even during the ceremony he was cracking jokes and never too serious. It was a warm and tiny wedding of only 4 people, but it was beautiful. I almost teared up a few times, it was amazing  to watch my best friend get married and know that he was going to be with this woman forever. The love between them couldn't have been more clearly defined than the moment when they kissed. I thought about how much I loved Bryan and how much I looked forward to him being there to see me have that same moment when I got married.

After the ceremony we had some pictures taken and I snapped a few outside as well. The sky had brightened up and it became a beautiful day. I hugged and congratulated Bryan and Kelly, holding back tears and grinning like a mad man. We talked for a while, and got back in the car. Stopping only to get flowers and a card, we drove to Bryan's mothers. Tim and I hung back while Bryan and Kel told his mom. The shrieks of joy were heard all through the parking lot and Tim and I fairly jumped on each other with joy. None of us except Bryan had thought she would take it so well, since she didn't know before hand, but she was ecstatic. We stayed and had some coffee, shared details about the day and watched his mother excitedly call the relatives with the good news. After sharing coffee, we went to starbucks and told his brother Shane the good news. Much more subdued than his mother, he congratulated the happy couple and we took off for a bite to eat.

We spent the rest of our time together laughing and joking about the days events. Bryan and Kelly were radiant. I promised to visit them soon enough and made Tim assure me that he would add me on facebook to keep in touch after he went back to Germany.

Everything about that day was amazing and I can't help but wonder to myself when will my happy day come! Soon enough I hope.

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