Saturday, 9 April 2011

The day of password resets

Ugh! Today is becoming ridiculous, either my brain cells are melting together and becoming radio active, or the interwebs hates me.

This website makes number 3 that apparently think I have the wrong password. I know I don't, I am meticulous about my passwords and hoard them all on a word file on my computer. I think the internet is just angry at me for some reason.... Either way, I'm not a happy camper.

My account won't even let me reset my password... It's annoying to say the least. I have an email into there support team and hopefully they will do something about it, although it seems unlikely because I find that website support sucks.

Oh well, onto happier news. I went out to a friends last night, Barb, and I gotta say she is amazing. She might be helping me find a job as a live in nanny to a couple kids in Belleville. I would be okay with that for now, I mean I have done it before so it's not like it's a big deal, I'm just not overly fond of children. But W/E a job is a job and if it means dealing with squawking children all day, so be it.

Anyways, party at her place was great, I got to meet her friend Veronica and she was pretty nice. A lot like me in many ways, a loud mouth, opinionated bitch who talks over people. I didn't mind her company surprisingly, and we are going to make plans to hang out and go to the bar sometime which isn't a bad idea since being bored at home all the time is getting under my skin.

And apparently I was wrong about online support, just got an email and was able to reset my password via that! YAY! Now I can update my profile and all my books on the site. OH! If you are ever bored and have books laying around that you want to be rid of, go onto and make and account. You can basically get a number to track your book as it travels from person to person and other people can make notes about what they thought of the book. Pretty neat huh! I thought so, it's a nice way to save trees and save people some money instead of them buying new books =D

I also had another special treat yesterday, my friend Bryan came over for an unexpected visit. We talked, toked and then decided to go for a picnic. We stopped at McDonald's and got ourselves some food and walked to the pirate ship park. We walked along the shore, took some pictures and enjoyed ourselves. I haven't seen Bryan in literally, FOREVER. He is the light of my life to be honest, and we have been friends since I was 15. We dated a couple times briefly and nothing really came of it, but I wouldn't trade him as a friend for the world. I love him to bits. He is just starting a new job too and recommended I also have to make another appointment with Ontario Works just to tide me over for now.

I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience of blogging whenever I remember, it is a nice way to kinda keep track of my life and put things into a different perspective. It all looks easier when it's all typed out in front of my face. It's harder to lie to an inanimate object than to a person with feelings and opinions. This laptop doesn't judge me and I don't really care what people on the Internet think.

I figure it is also time to start posting some pictures on this thing... So, lets see if I can figure that out!

There are some of my pictures from my day at the park, I realize I look awful, and I'm totally okay with that!

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