Tuesday, 12 April 2011


You may find yourself wondering what I did TODAY. Well, let me tell you then. Woke up to go pee at 6 am and decided the sky was lovely and that I should take pictures, so I did. I had an appointment with OW so I woke up early, I managed to get myself away from my computer after an hour of stumbling and into the office perfectly on time. I walked downtown and I must say it was a lovely day... Just breezy enough to stay at perfect T-shirt weather. I stopped at the bank and exchanged 1150 pennies, yes, exactly that many. I meandered down to the office and upstairs.

The intake meeting took about an hour in total and was done by 3. It was uneventful, but I now have something to do on Monday. I'll be taking a course on Customer Service. Basically it will be something nice to put on my resume. =D I'm going to be signing up for my Smart Serve course and anything else I can get my hands on to make myself look like an over achieving douche for resume purposes.

After my meeting I decided to take a meander around the canal and take pictures. In doing so I walked down to the end of the trail and looked at ducks. I took pictures of the water, the bridges and random other things. I trudged wearily back home and took up my post on the couch for a bit. I watched the sun go down and was happy to have at least a little money coming in.

I also will be planning a cottaging trip for May, which is actually hard to do since no one wants to RSVP properly, ARGH! I need to get that figured out and I'm also going to see about getting into college for Nursing so that when I graduate from that I can then move onto my post grad cert for International support worker. Even mom likes the idea and I'm quite pleased about it. My grandmother was tickled pink by the thought of me going and helping small foreign children. I didn't have the heart to tell her they would probably be injured and dying. She was so happy in her own little dream world.

Anyways, other than that not much has happened, trying to plan an outing with the lovely Chris Cromwell to do some artsy stuff. Must get in touch with my inner artist. I'm sure we'll have a blast with whatever we do =) I have to start getting out to more shows and of course I need to visit Sheena soon too ^.^ I miss the crap outta that girl.

I also have a new twitter account! http://www.twitter.com/Jessika_Sawyer

Anymawho, here are the photo's of today's journey.

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