Sunday, 10 April 2011

Teenage Love Story (Part 1)

I've decided to share a story from my past with you, a story about love and happiness and what it all means in highschool. It's a story about you ordinary teen who happened to be stuck somewhere that she wasn't well liked or valued, so she did what she needed to get by. That just happened to be the boy who would turn out to be her best friend and be there so many years into the future it's hard to imagine.

I skipped school again. 3rd period math class with the cute perky teacher, I can't remember her name, all I know is she is hot and her voice was the highest pitch I could stand to listen to. Jennacore and I are heading to the park. The park is the place of choice for the stoners of CDHS. The place where everyone knows you are getting high, but no one gives a shit, and we are going to get high.

This week is another mental break down, another drama fit. I'm 15 and trapped in a town where the population barely registers in the thousands. Campbellford is only a slightly bigger hole than Warkworth, and that just means more cops. My mom left on vacation a couple days ago and I am seriously hating my life. I had a fit in the office and began plotting the deaths of my classmates. You know, the ones making my life a living hell... Yeah, those guys. My Dad got a call from the school yesterday, they want him to go to councilling with me and I now have an appointment every Thursday. So needless to say, I'm stressed and I could use a little organic relief.

Chad meets up with us at the park and as per usual spends most of his time paying attention to my figure and overly flirtatious ways. We roll a joint and start blazing, and after a couple minutes, everything is alright. I proceed to chase squirrels around the park, laugh until my sides hurt and roll down a hill, making myself look like and idiot. What do I care really, by now, I'm so high my brain has stopped functioning. Then Jenna says she wants me to meet a friend. I agree and we start rolling another while we are waiting.

Not 10 minutes later, he shows. I'm awe-struck. He is the most gorgeous man I've ever met and he has a piercing. I get flustered and stupid but some how make it through without looking like a train wreck. He talks about punk music and laughs a lot. I can't stop myself from staring at him, he is magnificent. I feel like a blubbering idiot and this guy probably thinks I'm a creep. Out of nervous habit, I start applying lip chap like my life depends on it, and it's probably the only thing keeping me from utter dumbassery. In the distance I hear the bell ring, schools out... Had it really been 2 whole periods? I hug my friends and begin to walk off... He speaks. He's asking if I'm going to hug him, and I laugh. My body propels me towards him like it's possessed and suddenly I'm wrapped up in his arms. I can hear his hear and feel the warmth of his skin radiating through his sweater. I pull myself away and try to leave for the second time. I'm almost dizzy from the smell of him, or is it the weed? I'm not sure. Once again, he starts talking me back, making coy remarks and I can't resist.

"Is that all I get?" He's asking me, I turn around and he is grinning from ear to ear. Could he be asking me to...? No! I smile back and he turns his head beckoning me back. I walk briskly back and throw myself into his arm and kiss him hard on the mouth. The kiss is brief and tantalizing, leaving me lightheaded, giddy even. I walk back to school, getting there in time to catch the bus. The whole way home I can't help but think of him. The new guy. Bryan.

The next day is Friday, Jenna walks up to my locker like a cat slinking along a fence... Like it knows something. She grins and asks if I like Bryan. Of course I do, but telling her that outright would be to easy. I manage a bashful "Maybe." and she laughs. Jenna is one of those girls that everyone loves to hate or hates to love, she's got something about her that is different. She says we are meeting up to go to the park later on, I agree. The bell rings and everyone wanders towards there classes... I can't help but wonder about him.

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