Sunday, 30 October 2011

Moira, Darling.

Just wanted to do a little bit of a promotion for some awesome guys I know... they are in a band call Moira, Darling.... I'm not sure they even need promoting, they do pretty well for themselves.... however.... You should go and give them a listen!

In fact, check out one of my favourite songs from them right mother#$%&in' here.

Paper Notes by Moira, Darling - Taking over the World.

You can also check them out on myspace or if you prefer Reverbnation ooooooooor Facecrack

There, that pretty much covers it.... at least I think... Sorry my head kind of exploded from the awesomeness of the music that was just coming out of my speakers sooooooo....

OH YES.... I almost forgot... hot guys.... lots of them. Go and see for yourself! >.0

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