Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A totally shameless promotion.

What can I say, I'll do just about anything for cute boys in bands.... wear t-shirts, flash my boobs on buses, scream like someone cut my hand off in a lawnmower when Paper Notes comes on.... Even shameless promotions of their art page on my blog.

Seriously, this guy is super talented, along with being a rock star, a freelance motivational speaker (best pick me up I have ever had.), annnnnnd being the only person to successfully rock a mullet, he is also an amazing artist.

The link to his page is and you should look him up. He does some amazing stuff and he makes custom clothing. I love love love his work and I am sure you will all love it too. Check him out (and his amazing cuteness too, if you get a chance ;D ) and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

So gogogogogogogogo and click the "Like" button. In the meantime.... cheers!


  1. the link doesn't work.. (the "here" link)

  2. My links don't seem to work atm, I will get it fixed. In the mean time, I've posted the link!