Monday, 24 October 2011

My weekend

I had an interestingly busy weekend. I went to my grandmothers celebration of life and had a friend over to hangout and help me dye my hair.

My friday was spent trying to find a ride to warkworth and then hanging out with my Aunt who is pregnant and mildly volatile. By mildly, I mean extremely. Especially when driving or hungry, or both. Thankfully, despite heavy road rage and mild lecturing on the dangers of having my ex-boyfriend on facebook, I lived and spent the night at the house she shares with my grandparents.

The next morning, I was awoken and taken for early morning coffee and chatter which is refreshing change of pace. Then I was picked up by my mother who was kind enough to allow me to meet up with my best friend, Marra,and bring her back for a night over at my parents. Marra tends to fit in well with my parents and my kid brother even enjoys her company with the exception of when he is ganged up on and pinched to death. After a few hours of chatter and fixing computers, we dyed my hair.



I love the way it turned out... Anyways. Onto more important subjects. We stayed up late chatting back and forth and watching Sex Drive which ended up being both amusing and endearing. Although now I want a shoe tree more than ever. I literally want to collect hundreds of shoes and throw them into a tree. (I think it's amazingly artsy.) I ended up with a serious headache so I call the boyfriend and went to sleep around the 03:00 mark.

The next morning I was woken up by my mother telling me to get up and go have a shower so I crawled my zombiefied butt outta bed and headed down the stairs. Once naked and in the shower I forgot about the second showerhead and was immediately brought out of my semi-conscious state by a blast of frigidly cold water hitting me in the face. Not pleased. So after about an hour of getting ready I stood at the door saying goodbye to Marra and waiting to head to Brampton. My gramma Jim's life celebration was starting in about an hour so I was going to be late. Not that my mother or I minded. We both have a knack for making late but grand entries to most functions.

The drive down took us close to 2 hours because we hit bumper to bumper traffic around the Barrie turn off of the 401. Needless to say the genetic road rage kicked in and my mother developed what I can only imagine would be classified as sever Tourettes. Thankfully, we made it through alive and still got there in time to see my siblings Justin and Mandi, and of course my demon brother, Brodi, was already there. Mandi was a lot shorter than I remembered her... She actually was a couple inches shorter than I was. Which is strange because as a child she seemed so tall. Justin was as pleasantly plump and as socially awkward as ever. (This is what makes him a likely candidate for "Favourite Sibling") and of course his girlfriend was there. I absolutely adore her, she seems so tolerant of my brother, whereas I would have strangled him if given a chance. All in all the family get together was good, there was a lot of bustling around and plenty of laughter which made it easier. Thankfully it didn't run too long and we headed home before the sunset.

As for today, I got up, changed and came home. I was supposed to see my friend Mindy and her son Tyler again today (I saw them on saturday as well! Tyler happens to be one of the cutest kids ever, and boy what a little heartbreaker already!) but unfortunately due to some mix ups we ended up putting it off til next time I am in Warkworth which may be as soon as next weekend.

I also have some fantastic news! I have a family doctor. He is pretty much the most perfect doctor you could imagine and he is right on the ball with my health issues, a week after seeing him I had a referral to a specialist for some internal issues and an appointment for bloodwork. I should know more in a few days and you'll know what's up as soon as I do!

Anyways, thought I should post some more funny things just to lighten the mood... tis a bit gloomy!

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  1. You totally can hum while holding your nose closed, not going to lie, I read it and immediately tried it. Its not the same humming. Still humming though! :P