Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy American Thanksgiving!

I want to start off by wishing my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I really appreciate you not calling in for printer support, it made it possible for me to go home hours earlier than expected! I also have a humorous anecdote to share. I was trying to walk a customer through setting his wireless printer up today and could hear progressively louder bangs in the background. Eventually they got so loud they sounded like gunshots.... My customer was becoming agitated and kept asking his wife what the noise was. I could hear her answer because there was suddenly an ear shattering bang and a scream from my customer. After the ringing in my ears stopped my customer informed me he had to go because his neighbour was drunk and shooting fireworks AT his house and one had broken the window to the room we were in before exploding in the house. All I could think to do was offer him a callback.

All in all I am feeling pretty okay today. I got home early from work and have to find some recipes to make for the bake sale tomorrow. Work does a bake sale for the United Way every year and I volunteered to contribute some baked goods :)

Otherwise life is pretty fucked. I will update you later!

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