Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lunch Date

So today I woke up to a message or seven from my aunt. She was headed into town near where I lived and decided that it would be nice if her, I and my grandmother went out to lunch. When I called her back to say I would love to she happened to be only 20 minutes away.

So after much scrambling to get showered, dressed and put my face on, I met them at my lobby and to my delight my Aunt definitely has a preggo belly. I don't know If I have mentioned it before but we found out earlier this year that she was having a baby and it turns out (Like I predicted!) that she will be having a baby girl. I couldn't be more pleased. However, my aunt already is a little bit high strung and now with the whole baby thing, she is a little strange too. Not that I mind, my whole life is filled with weird people... but apparently if you do not feed my aunt when she is hungry she turns into a raging she-devil who threatens to eat the poor waitress.

We ended up at Boston Pizza for lunch, and we had some cactus cut fries (which were delicious.) and I ordered a NY strip-loin steak with prawns and scallops and some french fries. My aunt got ravioli and lobster and my grandmother got a porkchop and linguine. I think my only complaint was I asked for my steak medium rare and ended up with a bleeding hunk of meat that was somewhere between blue rare and rare. I honestly tried to eat it and at times I love a good blue rare steak, but just not that early in the afternoon. I ended up asking my waitress if we could cook it a touch more and to my delight they brought me back a perfectly seasoned delicious medium rare steak and gave us 25% off the bill. The manager even came to make sure it was alright. I couldn't have asked for better service to be honest. My aunt absolutely hated her lobster, but that we can chalk up to the fact that the dish itself was not a well designed meal... the intense flavour of the spicy sauce and the cheese stuffed ravioli overpowered the delicate taste of the lobster.

My grandmothers meal was good, however the pasta could have been cooked a touch better. The bite I had of her pork was heavenly. Honestly, one of the best pork chops I have ever had and we spent the better part of the meal trying to figure out what this delectable yellow vegetable they served her was. We finally gave up and asked the waitress who informed us that it was yellow carrot. I made a mental note to buy some next time I am at the grocery store.

Other than that I spent my day folding laundry and putting on the last load to wash. I also decided to neglect my workout for tonight to give me the chance to ease back into the routine. However, come hell or high water, I will be doing Yoga tomorrow night!

I also am making big big plans to attend fleming college, I have made up a list of all the programs that I would like to take and there is well over 30 that I can complete. Most of them can even be done online in some fashion. It should be an interesting experience and I look forward to keeping everyone updated on my progress.

As for my relationship, it is still on the rocks.... I am not sure if or how it can be fixed. At this point, I am trying to work on me, I will worry about the rest later.

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