Thursday, 17 November 2011


So today is strange, I woke up not feeling tired. I was actually able to get up and start my day at a normal pace. I even managed to snarf down a portion correct breakfast of shreddies, though I went a touch heavy on the milk.
I have to go in early today and change up my benefits so that I'm listed as common law with the boyfriend. Well that and I have to switch them to premium instead of basic. If I don't I run the risk of paying through the nose for new glasses or to have my teeth fixed.
In other news, I believe I am having dinner guests this sunday. My friend Brandon and Laurelle may be coming over for hangouts and chow. I will have to find a diabetes friendly recipe so we can all enjoy the food! I am looking forward to the challenge though and in reality diabetes friendly foods are amazingly healthy. I was thinking about doing a diet similar to it for my weight loss plan.
I was also talk to a friend of mine who offered to get me the recipies from his brothers weight loss program. Apparently in a year he has managed to drop 200lbs. I would be pleased as punch to lose 50lbs.
Anyways, I have to finish getting ready! Have a wonderful day <3
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