Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Medical Update!

So I got some amazing news back from my doctor today!

My bloodwork has been completed and I showed no serious issues. I am as healthy as a slightly chubby horse. The only concern he had was with the fact that I had an extremely low sodium count. I apparently share that in common with my mother who I was told tends to not absorb sodium well either.

With this and my weight in mind, he is drawing me up a referral to the dietitian in his office. I should hopefully be able to manage my sodium more effectively by adding more salt to my diet or if necessary getting IV saline. Nifty right? Either way, I figure a dietitian will also be a handy tool for losing more weight and getting back to a healthy me.

In other news I have been trying really hard to portion my meals and trying to lose some weight. I was pleasantly rewarded when I stepped on the scales and found myself sitting at 176lbs. I have lost 9lbs since my last weigh in on October 16th (I believe!). Oh, and I also have started my birth control. 5 days into my first packet. I'll keep you updated on my status. The only thing is a nagging pain in my leg and chest, however it is distinctly possible that is from sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor.

Anyways, I have Dexter to catch up on.

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