Saturday, 26 November 2011


So I have started on my birth control today... stupid crap cost me $39. I should start to see a decrease in appetite and acne in a few weeks and I am looking forward to it.

I also decided that I would start working out again today. I did some P90x and got all sweaty before jumping in the shower. It feels good to be working out again and with the fact that I am trying to limit my portion sizes I should see some weight loss quite soon ^.^ I am hoping I dropped a few pounds for when I head to my doctors on Wednesday so that I will have something good to report =D

All in all today was a good day, got some clean up done and had a discussion with Dana. I also managed to paint a positive motivating message on my yoga mat. I think I will be doing something similar for Marra's xmas gift.

I already have something for Dad and Mum, I even did something up for Grandma, however I need to get something for my Grandfather. Dana picked out 1/2 of his gift which worked out to be some collector item game thing about some Zelda person. Whatever, it's a video game. lol

Other than that, not much to report. Had an awesome week.... had the bed to myself. Plans for the coming week include a doctors appointment and helping my friend move to her new place.... Check back later!

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