Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sleep overs....

First off, you're a pervy-perv-pervster. It's not THAT kinda sleep over. ^.^ I decided since I have my doctors appointment in Trenton anyways, I would come over and help my friends move into there new place.

Barb is lovely by the way... you should meet her. And Cory is hilarious.

I managed to steal some internet (thanks BELL335!) and decided to write you up a little note before I went to bed. Today was not the least bit interesting, but I lived. I am hoping that this stupid headache will screw off shortly, however it's not looking so good for me.

Also, this futon is super comfy as long as I lean to the right.... not to the left, only to the right. Explain that crap.

I am also playing ghost detective for my friends, apparently there is something haunted in this apartment and since I seem to be a touch sensitive to the "paranormal" if you will, I am just going to see what I feel. So far, drafty door behind me and it is all quiet except for my, seemingly thunderous, drumming on the keys. That is until the bag next to me falls over and scares me to death! I am such a tweak sometimes I swear.

I have to say that blogging seems to be doing me well, I feel like I've found out a lot about myself and I will continue to do so the more I write. Anyways, gotta be up suuuuuuuuper early tmrw so I'm going to hit the hay!


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