Monday, 7 November 2011

Sick Day

I have taken a sick day today... probably my last one of the year, I woke up with a terrible headache. Along with intense nausea, and the constant headache, I've also had a poorly time flare of pain in my neck, ribs and hands.
I have been watching Star Trek at low volume and trying to rest my eyes. All in all a quiet and restful day. Seven of Nine is having a momentary freak out and it makes me giggle. She is waaaaay too serious most of the time.

Ugh... I really would like my doctor to hurry the %^&# up and get me my blood test results. Good news is that it isn't likely something serious, if it was they should have gotten back to me by now if it was. Right? I have an appointment with a few more specialists next Wednesday for more testing and internal ultrasounds. At that point they will be able to determine if the masses on my ovaries are P.C.O.S. or what ever else it may be. I am hoping that I can resume living a normal life and possibly go onto having children in the future. When I have an accurate diagnosis I can then start whatever treatment I may require. I will give everyone an update as soon as I know anything.

In other news, I am thinking that I want to get my hair cut off short. Maybe in almost a scene fashion. I am thinking electric blue and black for the colour and a short shag with thin longer pieces at the front. It will be amazing and different, something I've always loved to do when it comes to my hair. I have had many different styles over the years, and have always had a knack for pulling off the wildest of hairstyles. For the moment I am just waiting for my newest dye job to wear off a bit so I can prevent a whole lot of damage to my hair all at once.

My weekend was spent in an interesting fashion. I hung out with my good friend Barb and we spent a lot of time engrossed in conversation about everything from food to our past lives. You would never imagine the relief that comes with spending a few days talking to a kindred spirit. I find myself so tense and wrapped up in trying to keep up with work and home that I don't have enough time to think or breathe never mind sort out my thoughts. This gave me the opportunity of taking my thoughts and filing them into the appropriate place in my head. We agreed to have our get-togethers more often, we have much in common. Our past has never intersected but it feels as though they have run parallel for a good number of years. I won't go into detail in order to respect her privacy, but we share a great number of things, including but not limited to the love of chatter. We both love to talk and putting us in a room together makes everything light up and appears to make us both happy. I adore her to the fullest extent and I look forward to our next visit, be it her place or mine.

Anymawho.... I am going to make some lunch. Maybe I will have some new recipes! Oh and remind me to post the recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Pie =D

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