Sunday, 25 December 2011

Cherry Mistmas!

Wanted to update you all and first of all let me say, Cherry Mistmas!

I have had a busy weekend thus far, I went shopping with my besties boyfriend and we got her Christmas presents. Then I went and viewed an apartment with my mummy. It was on Albany and had the most closets I have ever seen in my entire life. It was a bit of a fixer-upper, but nothing a fresh coat of paint and good scrubbing wouldn't fix. I was going to get pictures but I totally blanked and didn't remember.

Good news is, I should be getting word back on Wednesday on whether or not Marra and I have the place and we could move in right away ^.^ I'm totally excited about getting a new place.

After that adventure, we were onto shopping. We stopped in at Walmart and went back to the Mall. Mummy let me pick out my coat and we got gifts for my niece and nephews at Toys R Us.... It was a long time to spend shopping, especially for my coat but it fits perfectly and is surprisingly warm for a woman's coat. I love it... It means I will have a warm winter coat to wear to work and when I am waiting for the bus to come at (hopefully) new place!

My mother and I spent the rest of our night failing at making truffles.... (Apparently unsweetened chocolate = shitty truffles.) Then my Daddy and I made Jamaican pepper pot stoup. It was originally supposed to be soup, but it's too thick, so it's stoup. I didn't actually get to bed until very late/early. I drifted to sleep while watching Combat Hospital...

As for this morning, I was rudely shaken from my sleep by my 15 year old brother. I tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but to no avail. At least the little bugger was kinda enough to make and bring me my morning coffee, Triple-Triple, perfectly made. I sipped my coffee and we all opened our presents. Mom got Christmas ornaments and a baking book, Daddy got a set of pots, a sign for his desk and some cologne. My kid brother ended up with cologne, a hair dryer (Haha, my brother the metro-sexual freak show.)and some new mitts. I was quite pleased with my gifts, I got my coat from Ricky's, Gloves from Walmart and a Canon point and shoot camera that is far better than the crappy one I own. The flash actually works on this one.

Generally I would be updating this from my phone, however I, like a dumbass, forgot my charge cable at home and will not have access to another one until my Aunt gets here for Christmas dinner later on. Apparently we are having stoup and roast beast. All in all, this has been a pretty quiet and enjoyable christmas. ^.^

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